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What does G.V.W. mean?
Gross vehicle weight is the total weight of the empty trailer and the load in or on the trailer

What sizes of trailers are available?
Single axle, (one axle) trailers come in 5’ 6’ 7’ wide. Lengths start at 8’ and are built every 2 feet. Tandem axle, (two axles) come in 6’, 7’, 8’ and 8.5 wide lengths start at 12’ and are built every 2’ in length.

What colors are available?
Eleven (11) colors are available on the enclosed trailers and four (4) colors on open or flatbed trailers.

If a trailer is not in stock, how long does it take to order?
Never less than three (3) weeks and seldom more than eight (8) weeks.

How much weight can I tow?
Check your owners manual which will list both towing weight and gross combined weight, which is for tow vehicle, cargo inside of it, the empty weight of the trailer and the cargo inside of it.

How much does it cost to register the trailer?
Each state is different, but generally it is around $20.00 per year.

Is insurance required?
Check your policy or call your agent, but generally the regular liability insurance of the tow vehicle covers the trailers.

What type of maintenance is needed on trailers?
For exterior surfaces of enclosed trailers and the painted parts on open trailers a good wash 2-3 times a year will keep the finish looking new.

If a coat of wax is used on your enclosed trailer when new, it will add many years of like new looks.

Mechanical maintenance consists of repacking wheel bearings once a year, checking all electrical and mechanical systems. An inspection should be made each time you use your trailer to see if all systems are working correctly and if something needs repair before you use it.


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